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5 Lessons I Learned Planning Our Wedding

When you're planning a wedding you have to become an expert in a million things in a very short space of time. When Ben and I planned our wedding we had attended only one together (that's right! One. 5 years and about 300 weddings later it feels hard to believe!) Our lack of wedding experience was both a positive and a negative. We definitely made some mistakes and learned some stuff. 

5 lessons I learned planning our wedding

Here are the top 5 lessons I learned planning our wedding:

  • Be clear about your main priorities before you get started - I've written at greater length about this one in this post
  • Don't plan by committee - you'll find a lot people have strong opinions about your wedding. Unless you really care what they think, don't give them a say
  • Great food and free booze are really all your guests want

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  • Don't try and DIY too much - be realistic about your skills, a handmade touch here and there will add a unique feel
  • Be especially careful of your budget in the last few weeks, I found that things tended to spiral as the day got closer and amounts of money began to lose meaning

I hope this is helpful! Wedding planning can be so stressful but it needn't be. At Paper Arrow Press our greatest wish is make your wedding planning as easy as we can. 

When wedmin gets stressy we think you need three things:

  • stylish invitation designs that you both love
  • a quick, friendly response to your questions
  • a supplier who has taken time to get to know you and what you're looking for

Just got engaged? Yeay!

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