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5 unsual wording ideas for your save the date cards

I've written before about how much I love it when couples decide to shake things up with the wording for their wedding stationery. Seeing a couple's personalities shine through in the way they write their wedding stationery makes me really happy. Not only is it great way to personalise your chosen design but it will surely make your stationery standard out in the minds of your guests. That's probably most important for save the date cards when the whole point is to make sure your friends and family are free on your wedding day. 

Plus save the date cards are seen as more of an informal note so it's the perfect opportunity to shake things up a bit, even if you decide to go a little more traditional for the invitations. 

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Here are some ideas to inspire you to personalise your design in your own unique way...

5 unsual wording ideas for your save the date cards

  • Tell a little story - Add a phrase like 'Summer 2017 he put a ring on it, please save the date...'
  • Share your excitement - never be afraid of a 'Hell, yeah! We're getting married!'. If you're mega excited about your wedding then you should show it!!
  • Be mysterious - one of my favourite things about a save the date is the air of mystery, it's the first hint that your guests have about what you're planning so give away as much or as little as you want. Keep it really minimal with just name, date, more soon if you want to!
  • Use a little humour - start with a line like 'defying all the expectations we're getting married!', throw in a word or two of regional slang or make reference to a little in joke
  • Include some hints about the day itself - why not add a little mention of what guests can expect from your wedding such as 'prepare your dancing shoes' to start the anticipation for the big day

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