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5 Unusual Wedding Gift List Ideas

Let's talk about your wedding gift list. The vast majority of people getting married now already live together. If you're getting married in 2017 chances are you aren't going to be setting up house for the first time. You probably don't need a matching toaster and kettle set.

You might be tempted not to bother setting up a gift list at all, it kind of feels a bit graspy right? But you should. People will want to buy you a gift to celebrate your married life together and if you don't specify what you'd like a) you'll be bombarded by individual requests for all your relatives b) you'll be in receipt of some god awful gifts.

That doesn't mean you have to register for a load of household items you've hurriedly selected on a website 6 weeks before the wedding under pressure from your mum. You could ask for money, contributions towards your honeymoon or how about one of these ideas...

Our top 5 unusual wedding gift list ideas 

  • Instant library - one of the sweetest wedding gift requests I've had was from friends of mine who asked for books which were meaningful to their guests, complete with a handwritten message inside the cover
  • House renovation - everyone asks for contributions towards a honeymoon these days why not get friends and family to chip in for your rewiring? Tip: Use a service like Patchwork to collect contributions
  • The gift of culture - ask for memberships to cinemas and museums so that you can use them throughout the year
  • Own Art - why not ask your friends and family to contribute so that you can buy a piece of art. Something that you'd struggle to buy by yourself and will last a lifetime
  • Foodie heaven - ask for a subscription to a food delivery service and eat like kings all year. Cure and Simple will deliver you bacon all year. Imagine...

Image credit | Unsplash