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5 Ways to Plan an Effortlessly Cool Wedding

This month we're all about style at Paper Arrow Press. Our current collection crush is Banner, we like to think of it as the Little Black Dress of our collection. It's so damn cool but in a completely effortless, 'what this old thing?' kind of way. If you aspire to that kind of nonchalant chic on your wedding day read on...

5 ways to plan an effortlessly cool wedding:

1. Make it personal. There's nothing cool about a copy cat so style your wedding in a way that reflects your real life tastes and interests

2. Plan! Ok, so planning might not sound like the coolest activity but giving your wedding real thought ahead of time will make you less likely to make random or 'same old, same old' choices. You can always get a cool notebook to scribble in!

3. Be confident. Nothing is cooler than someone who doesn't care what anyone else thinks, so resist the temptation to ask everyone's opinion on every choice you need to make. Wedding by commitee - not cool!

4. Pare it down. Stick by that old adage 'less is more'. For every four great ideas you have maybe use one or two, don't try too hard

5. Surprise your guests. Adding little quirky touches is a great way to express your sense of humour and not take the whole thing too seriously which, after all, is the key to cool!

If you're looking for more inspiration for Banner Wedding Stationery why not check out our Pinterest board?

Image credit | Unsplash