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5 wedding stationery mistakes and how to avoid them

When you're in the throws of wedding planning there can be so many decisions to make that it feels inevitable that you'll trip up somewhere along the line. At Paper Arrow Press we stop couples making little errors all the time. Here are our top 5 wedding stationery mistakes and how to avoid them:

1. Not calculating your quantities correctly. Couples and families share invitations so you won't need one per person - don't over order

Tip: Have a finalised guest list before ordering

2. Not sending a Save the Date. It might seem like an unnecessary expense but if you have busy friends or are booking a popular summer weekend a save the date will ensure everyone can make it, especially if you don't know when you'll confirm all the details for your invitation

3. Doing your table plan too far in advance. Even after rsvps have all been returned people will still change their plans, break ups will happen and your carefully designed table plan will need to change

Tip: If you're not sure when to supply all the information for your table plan check with your stationer

4. Forgetting to specify who is invited. If children aren't invited or singletons don't get a random plus one you need to specify that - trust us it will avoid awkward conversations down the line

Tip: Consider printing guest names on your invitations or incorporating space to write in names yourself

5. Running out of invitations. Did you forget to invite Auntie Brenda? Is your dad suddenly making you invite his dentist? Whatever the reason for needing a few extra invites, having to re-order a small number of invitations can be really expensive

Tip: It's always best to order two or three spares the first time around, and if you don't use them they make lovely keepsakes.

More help

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