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6 Common Wedding Invitation Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Suddenly January is here, fairy lights and mince pies are a distant dream and the realities of planning a wedding and the rush to get your save the date cards in the post become very real. But in your hurry, take time to get clear on what you need to communicate to your guests and don't make any of these common wedding invitation mistakes...

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6 Common Wedding Invitation Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

  • Mistake #1: Not being clear about plus ones - sending out an invitation which doesn't feature the names of exactly who is invited to the wedding can cause no end of awkward conversations.
    Solution: Consider personalising your invitations with guest names so that recipients know who is invited or failing that add everyone's name to the envelope.

  • Mistake #2: Forgetting the little guys - likewise if you aren't specific in the invitation about whether children are welcome or not people are  going to ask (or maybe just assume that they are!)
    Solution: If you can't accommodate children at your wedding it's a really good idea to make that clear on the invitation. Read my wording guide How to request no children at your wedding

  • Mistake #3: Not considering the RSVP date - not giving your guests a date to RSVP by will make it much more likely that people will just forget, however asking people to RSVP too far in advance of your wedding could mean that people end up dropping out later. 
    Solution: Think carefully about the date you give your guests to RSVP by, usually about 6 weeks before the wedding is a good idea

  • Mistake #4: Leaving off the RSVP details - on the subject of RSVPs nothing will better ensure that you'll be chasing half your guests for an RSVP than forgetting to tell them how to RSVP 
    Solution: Be sure to tell your guests how you want them to reply, if it's by post give them an address or better yet include a ready addressed reply envelope. If electronically, supply an email or phone number


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  • Mistake #5: Not ordering extras - if there's one thing that will add unnecessary cost to your wedding stationery bill it's needing to reorder a small number of extra invitations because you didn't order enough or you realise you'd like a few spares to keep.
    Solution: always add a few spare invitations to your order to cover people you might want to invite if the original guest list has a few drop outs plus a couple for keep sakes.

  • Mistake #6: Not making clear if the invitation is for the day or evening celebration - the worst examples of this are if you have ceremony only guests who have to be told to leave before the reception - cringe!
    Solution: order day and evening invitations which have the correct arrival (and departure if necessary) time clearly printed on!


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