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6 Clever Uses For Our Large Format Seating Plans

If you've been planning your wedding recently you might have been taking a look around at the different stationery options available. For the day itself you might be considering ordering a large format seating plan (we have them in A2 and A1 sizes just so you know). But have you considered that seating plans aren't the only use for a large format board on your wedding day? Paper Arrow Press customers are a pretty smart bunch, here are some of the ways they've used our large format seating boards at their weddings...

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6 Clever Uses For Our Large Format Seating Plans

  1. Food! Glorious food! Instead of printing menus for every guest why not consider printing one large menu board to display near the tables? This also works really well if you're planning on having a bar with a cocktail menu
  2. Leave a message - Create an almost blank board (with a few design flourishes to tie it in with your other stationery) to use as a guest board. Leave a pen and ask your guests to write you a message on the day
  3. Order, order! Instead of creating individual orders of service for each guest why not print the running order on a large board and display at the entrance to the ceremony for everyone to see?
  4. Rules for the dance floor - display proudly. Everyone MUST dance
  5. Know your place - If your wedding is taking place within a larger country estate you might want to consider displaying a map and directions so that guests can find their way around the grounds
  6. Timing is everything - Design and print a large scale timeline to show your guests the order of the day, cutting the cake, speeches, first dance etc

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