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7 benefits of an Autumn Winter Wedding

I love Autumn, it's my favourite season and I like nothing more than hiding under a blanket and wearing multiple layers of clothing. Plus Summer colours just don't suit me. Yet still I had a June wedding. Most people (if you've given it much thought at all) probably imagine their wedding happening in Spring or Summer. However, an increasing number of people are choosing to plan a wedding out of the traditional season. Brilliant idea, and not just because you'll save a ton of money!

7 Reasons to plan an Autumn Winter Wedding

  • You'll naturally plan a more indoor focused event, no need to spend the fortnight before the big day checking BBC Weather and Met Check on hard rotation

  • You can wear a fur coat over your wedding dress, super stylish and perfect for brides who like layers

  • The possibility of some amazing, quirky photographs. I'm completely obsessed with these rainy day wedding shots

  • The food and drink. You can feed your guests delicious, easy-to-prepare-for-many-people stews and roasts and MULL EVERYTHING!

  • Go all out Hygge with your styling; greenery, blankets, candles and roaring fires

  • Forget having to wait three years for the perfect June weekend at your dream venue to become available, plus your guests won't have already attended 3 other weddings that month

  • Once the fun is all over you'll be able to escape the gloom on an exotic honeymoon while everyone else is trekking to work in the dark or hitting the snooze button. Bingo!

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