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7 ways we stuck to a (fairly) tight wedding budget

When Ben and I got married in June 2011 we had a relatively tight budget. Plenty of people spend even less than we did but our budget was about £10,000 (we didn't spend all of it) which is way less than the £30,000 that Brides Magazine estimate an average 2016 wedding cost. We had an amazing day and nothing felt budget. We just didn't get too carried away.  

There's no right or wrong amount to spend on your wedding - it just needs to be an amount you can afford.

7 ways to stick to a budget:

  • Prioritising - we were very clear from the get go what our priorities were. We couldn't afford everything so we wanted our budget to go on great food and free flowing drinks for the whole day
  • Venue - we avoided venues which were specialist 'wedding venues.' Our village hall reception gave us total freedom to choose our own caterer, entertainment and decorations (plus it cost us £600 from Friday through to Sunday)
  • Accepting help - in an ideal world I would have employed professionals to cover every single aspect of our wedding but while we hired a professional caterer my husband's talented mum did all the beautiful flowers
  • Taking a mini-moon - we didn't do a huge blow out honeymoon, instead we went to Paris for a few days, relaxed, ate cheese and wandered. It was perfect

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  • Buying our own booze - our village hall venue meant we could buy our own booze. £650 meant drinks all night for around 70 guests (and enough left over prosecco for it to replace water in our house for a month afterwards!)
  • Being our own DJ - again if budget was no object I would have loved a DJ or band but a sound system, an ipod and a roomful of friends and family (fuelled by the plentiful booze I mentioned) lead to a great night of non-stop dancing
  • Avoid last minute panics - this is probably the area I failed miserably in. As the wedding got closer I spent money on things that I felt like I needed. £100 for a piece of net that stayed on my head for precisely 30 minutes before the breeze blew it off? Probably could have lived without that...

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