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8 Things You've Probably Forgotten For Your Wedding

A wedding can mean months of planning with a military precision you didn't think you were capable of but even the most organised couple can drop the ball as the day gets close. Keep reading for our list of those all important details which are easy to forget but will make a big difference to your wedding. Aaand breathe!

8 Things You've Probably Forgotten For Your Wedding

All important details you don't want to forget

  1. Always have a plan - Whatever you do and whatever form it takes make sure you make and display a seating plan. Without one guests won't know where they're sitting and there will be ABSOLUTE CHAOS come meal time. Guaranteed
  2. Choices, choices - If there are menu options for the day (including veggie, vegan and dietary requirements) make sure you've asked all your guests for their preferences before the day and let your caterer know
  3. Family friendly - If you're expecting a lot of families and young children at the wedding don't neglect entertainment for the wee ones. Keeping kids well entertained will definitely pay off. You might also consider a quiet area if there will be lots of babies
  4. Just to say - Don't forget gifts and cards to say any special thank you's to those friends and family who you couldn't have done it without
  5. Do me a favour - Yup that's right. Not only do you have to feed them all, they need a party bag too! Wedding favours don't have to be fancy or expensive though (read this post for ideas)
  6. Make it legal - Whatever you do, don't forget the flippin' marriage licence, otherwise no one is getting married...
  7. All the kit - It's a very good idea to pack an emergency kit for the day and ask one of your bridesmaids to look after it. Fill it with stuff you might need such as spare make up, safety pins, blister plasters etc
  8. Thank you very very very much - After the day is over remember to send thank you cards to make sure your guests know how much you appreciate them being there to celebrate with you

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