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How to ask for money on your wedding invitations

Of all the decisions about what to say on your wedding invitations deciding how to deal with the gift issue can be one of the trickiest. I've written before about some unusual gift list ideas but what if, like a lot of couples, you just don't need or want a load of gadgets for your home? What if you really need to actually BUY a home? Asking guests for a cash gift can be a bit controversial and no doubt some people won't feel comfortable with it. And no matter what you ask for Auntie Jean will probably still buy you a crystal decanter anyway...

If you are planning on asking for money on your wedding invitations here are some suggestions for doing it right...

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How to ask for money on your wedding invitations - wording ideas

  • Seeing your lovely faces is all we want for our wedding but if you would like to give a gift we would love a contribution towards our honeymoon
  • We already have a lovely home together so we're all set for toasters and tea towels, if you would like to give a gift of money it would be gratefully received
  • All we ask for our wedding is to see you having a great time on the dance floor but if you would like to give a gift then a contribution towards our dream house would be wonderful
  • Weddings are an expensive business, if you wanted to give us a cash gift it will save us having to sell the pictures to Hello ;-)

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