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How to get unique wedding invitations without the bespoke price tag

The best weddings all have one thing in common and that's uniqueness (if that makes any sense?!). When a couple's personality really shines through, I think it makes the day. At Paper Arrow Press we can help you bespoke design wedding stationery entirely from scratch (read our post on how to create truly unique bespoke stationery). However if you don't quite have the budget or the time for bespoke there is so much you can do to transform any (frankly already pretty unusual) Paper Arrow Press design into totally unique wedding stationery.

How to get unique wedding invitations without the bespoke price tag

  • Customise colours - choose any colour you like for your wedding stationery so that it blends perfectly with your wedding plans, the bolder the better I think 
  • Get creative with your text. No need to stick with the sample text, make your personalised wedding invitations sound like they actually came from you. For ideas read this post on wedding invitation wording.

Modern Personalised Wedding Invitations

  • Add a custom monogram - our Banner design is a perfect example of this
  • Add you own touch - add a little surprise like a sprinkle of sequins or confetti to your envelopes. Read this post for more ideas
  • Add a custom map - as well as being useful a custom map is a really cute way to add interest and a personal touch

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