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A really important piece of wedding advice

When you look back on your wedding day there will always be a couple of things you would have done differently. This little piece of advice seems so obvious but in the excitement of the day could easily get overlooked. Of all the things you will get right and wrong on your wedding day I think there's one thing you wouldn't want to regret:

Not spending enough time with each other. 

Of course you will want to catch up with old friends, thank all your relatives for being there and hit the dance floor hard but don't forget the two people this day is really about!

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5 tips to make sure you get to spend enough time together on your wedding day

  • Ignore tradition and meet up before the ceremony for a sneaky peek at each other
  • Consider grabbing a few minutes after the ceremony before you get started with drinks and photographs to sneak off together (get your bridesmaids to stash a bottle and two glasses)
  • If you're transporting guests between one venue and another have your own transport rather than traveling with everyone else
  • Do your speech together
  • Don't just do the first dance together, get back on the dance floor together throughout the evening!

p.s the best wedding advice I was ever given and how to request no kids at your wedding

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