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How to order wedding stationery - a step by step guide

When you're planning a wedding it can feel like you have to become an expert in a million and one things that never even entered your mind before you got engaged. Getting to the point where you're ready to order your wedding invitations can feel mind boggling but I'm a firm believer in a to do list which breaks the job down into small tasks.

Just follow the 10 steps below and you'll be fine...

The wedding invitation check list

  1. Browse the site and order samples
  2. Download the wedding stationery planning worksheet
  3. Write your guest list and calculate quantities
  4. Confirm your venue (remember to check any special instructions such as when your guests have to leave)
  5. Calculate an RSVP date - usually 2-3 weeks before the wedding
  6. Choose your stationery design, contact us with any questions you might have
  7. Write your wording (here are some ideas on unusual wording)
  8. Customise the colours to suit your wedding plans
  9. Order your stationery
  10. Check and approve your proofs

I hope this was helpful! 

Stationery to do list download

p.s my best tip for sticking to your wedding budget and all about our newly launched stationery packages