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How To Plan A Wedding Like A Boss + 8 Useful Resources and Tools

How to plan a wedding might seem like a pretty ambitious topic for one blog post and admittedly I can't guarantee that at the end of one short article you'll have your dream wedding day planned. This is more about creating a plan of attack (a plan for a plan if you will!) so that organising a wedding that you'll love, which feels personal and most importantly you'll actually enjoy becomes so much easier.

As a small business owner planning is absolutely key to everything I do. Big goals that seem impossible to achieve have to be broken down into small surmountable tasks which one by one get done until you get to your goal - in your case a wedding! I use all kinds of resources and tools to plan for my business and I think planning a wedding should be no different. Here are some suggestions for ways to make your planning a bit less daunting plus some awesome tools and resources to help.

How to plan a wedding like a boss

The big picture

The absolute first thing you need to do with any plan is get a clear idea of exactly what you want to achieve. Obviously you're planning a wedding but get a bit more specific about precisely what you want for your celebration. Then have some honest conversations on these big topics:

  • Priorities - I've written before about the importance of knowing what your true priorities are. You can read wedding planning and the art of sticking to your guns here. Inevitably, due to the second and third issues on this list you won't be able to do everything you want to so it's a good idea to know what's essential and what's just nice to have
  • Budget - unless you know what you have to spend it's almost impossible to make decisions on anything. Sit down early and have the conversation about money!
  • The guests - getting an idea early of how many people you're likely to want to invite will have a big impact on your ability to make decisions for the wedding

The breakdown

No not of the nervous variety! Silly! Once you have an idea of the end result you're aiming for work backwards breaking down all the tasks and steps you need to take in order to get there. Once you have an idea of everything that needs to be decided on, booked and arranged you'll be able to start planning it into a calendar so you'll know what needs to happen when.

Boss-like planning on this level requires the right tools:

8 resources and tools to plan a wedding like a boss...

  • Make friends with the spreadsheet you could just use plain old excel but why not take a look at AirTable. It's a free online app which combines a spreadsheet with a database (imagine! ) and allows you to link with all kinds of other apps such as Instagram, Gmail and google calendar
  • Notebooks - sometimes plain old putting pen to paper is best. My recommendation would be get a specific notebook for your wedding plans so you know where all your scribblings are. There's nothing worse than hunting for a random scrap of paper. Keep your notebook handy incase middle of the night inspiration strikes (otherwise known as a 4am panic attack)
  • Download and use our free wedding planning kit - from finding your wedding style to nailing your numbers our FREE wedding planning resource has everything to getting your planning started in style
  • Google calendar essential for knowing what needs to happen when
  • Go totally pro and use an online project management system like Trello so that you can see all your plans in a very visual way
  • Manage your budget with an app such as Mint or You Need a Budget
  • Pinterest - not sure I need to say much on this. Use with caution many a bride has been lost to the Pinterest rabbit hole but it is a very useful app for collecting ideas and communicating them to suppliers. (pssst find us on Pinterest)
  • Instagram - likewise a great resource for finding great suppliers (psst find us on insta

    So there you have it 4 simple steps to planning your wedding like a boss:

    • Get clear on the end goal
    • Break down the steps into manageable tasks
    • Plan the steps into a calendar
    • Get the right tools and resources to help you


    p.s have you read our step by step guide to ordering your wedding stationery (it's got a printable to do list!) and how to get unique wedding invitations without the bespoke price tag.

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