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How to request no children on your wedding invitations

I've mentioned before that by my friend's standards I got married fairly young (I was 27, I wasn't 16 or anything. Although I did get ID-ed while viewing a potential wedding venue, but that's another story). This had one major benefit in my eyes, no one had children yet. Helped by the fact that Ben and I were the oldest kids in fairly small families we had one tiny newborn baby at our wedding.

For most of my friends getting married now there are babies and children everywhere. If you love kids and want a big family wedding that's great but not everyone is planning a child-friendly celebration. Weddings can be very very boring for small people and personally I'd rather my little one stay at hotel Granny and Grandpa but it's not that easy for everyone. So how do you request no children without annoying people? Here are some wording ideas...

5 ways to request no children at a wedding and not make it a big deal

  • So that everyone has a relaxing day, including mums and dads, we'd prefer you to leave the small people at home (with appropriate childcare obviously!!)

  • We've decided to make the day an adults only celebration (that dance floor will be no place for the little 'uns). We hope that's ok?

  • We love your little guys but we think our wedding will be a bit boring for them, if it's possible to make arrangements to come without them that would be great! 

  • Our wedding is going to be grown ups only so that everyone can bust their best moves without fear of judgement...

  • We really want everyone to let their hair down at the wedding so we've decided to make it adults only. Teeny babies are welcome though!

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How to make parents love you if you do invite children

If there are going to be a lot of children at your wedding consider these ideas so that everyone has fun:
  • Employ a team of baby sitters
  • Create a children's buffet table
  • Have a separate room for games and videos
  • Have space for younger babies who might need a nap or breast feed

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