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How to Style a Bold, Punk-inspired Wedding

Tribe, a bold punk-inspired wedding stationery collection is launching later this month and if you've already fallen hard for its strong patterns and zine aesthetic (check out the Paper Arrow Press Instagram if you haven't had a look yet) then you'll want to know how to capture that bold, punk-inspired look for your wedding day. After all, not every grrrrrl wants to get married in white lace!

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5 Essentials To Style A bold, Punk-inspired Wedding

  1. According to the great Caitlin Moran leopard print is a neutral, therefore leopard print shoes - definitely okay on your wedding day
  2. For a venue this look needs modern. Think warehouse, gallery or (if you're really dedicated to the cause) sleazy bar!
  3. Nothing says punk like a girl gang in black. Dress your bridesmaids in mismatched black outfits accessorised with edgy jewellery and attitude
  4. There's basically no other choice than record titles for table names. All you have to do is decide who's going to sit at Nevermind the B*llocks. For more ideas read 30 unique suggestions for table names.
  5. Go for hair and make up that looks the tiniest bit lived in, like maybe you came straight to the wedding from a night out 

 For even more inspiration take a look at our punk wedding Pinterest boards.

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