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How to Style a Laid-back Boho Wedding

At Paper Arrow Press we're always looking for ways to make your wedding planning a little more creative and a little less stressful. If you'd kill for a dreamy, boho wedding filled with laid-back smiles and strong drinks then you should definitely order Bourbon wedding stationery to style your day with relaxed, bohemian charm.

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5 Essentials to style a Laid-back Boho Wedding

  1. Go green. Fill your wedding with all things leafy. The natural tones are so stylish
  2. Let your hair down with strong liquor. Serve classic cocktails in sturdy glasses, there's a reason this collection is called Bourbon
  3. Keep things simple. From natural make-up to a naked cake, less is more
  4. Flowing fabrics, looser fits and lots of lace are the way to go for your dress, and flowers in your hair are pretty much manditory!
  5. Look for outdoor venues or indoor venues with gorgeous natural textures like wood and exposed brick, a slight industrial vibe can keep it modern 

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For more inspiration take a look at our mood board.

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