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10 Ideas For Unusual Wedding Favours

Unusual wedding favours are a great way to add a really genuine and personal touch to a wedding. Your wedding guests have often made a big effort to be there for you on your wedding day. Travelling from afar, arranging childcare, shoehorning themselves into formal wear (!) so it's a nice thing to give them a little gift. However, an unusual wedding favour doesn't have to mean hours slaving over a vat of hot wax getting third degree burns making your own candles.

Read our ideas for unusual wedding favours that you can make yourself below...

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10 Ideas for unusual wedding favours

  1. Personalised sweetness - fill little bags with your favourite sweeties or make a large batch of coconut ice (try this recipe). It's ridiculously easy and really pretty! Finish off your bags with paper labels inspired by your personalised wedding invitations that you can customise with your guest's names 
  2. Flavour flavour - it's super easy to put olive oil into little bottles and then add herbs, chillies or garlic to create your own flavoured oil. Make them look super stylish with clear labels featuring your names and wedding date, or just a simple thank you. 
  3. Get your kit on - why not create a little kit for your guests to take away and use later? Hot chocolate + marshmallows or pancake mix would be great! Finish of your package with a favour tag or ribbon
  4. Herbal highs - pot herbs in old bean tins and add a little name tag for a living gift for your guests to take away
  5. Do double duty - your favours can also double as a table plan or place card. Add a little name flag into the pot of succulent or cactus and place on the table
  6. Gin O'Clock - it's easy to make your own gin! You'll need to plan this one in advance but you can add all sorts of flavours to a basic gin then decant into minature bottles and finish with a sticker or tag
  7. Festival chic - if you're going for a laid back festival feel why not provide your guests with flower crowns and glitter face paint? You can guarantee your uncle Alan will get involved
  8. A recovery kit - a bottle of water, 2 pain killers, beroca, need we say more?
  9. A midnight snack - fill paper bags with your favourite snacks and then fasten with a little monogram sticker for your guests to take away
  10. Two words: Doughnut. Wall


Make your personalised wedding favours amazing!

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Need more inspiration?

Have a look at our wedding favours Pinterest board for loads more ideas and inspiration!

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10 Ideas For Unusual Wedding Favours