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Ideas for wedding table names | 30 unusual suggestions

Choosing wedding table names is a great way to add a cheeky little personal touch to your wedding day. We had Penguin book titles for ours. What would you choose?

Don't just go for numbers, why not choose words which are meaningful to you both or that will make people smile. If some of these are a little niche they might just inspire you to come up with your own...

Ideas for wedding table names


  1. All the streets you've ever lived on
  2. Your grandparents' names
  3. Your all time favourite holiday destinations
  4. The nick names of you and your bridal party
  5. Name of halls of residence at university
  6. The pubs you went to when you were first going out
  7. Use numbers but include images of you both at that age
  8. Words associated with the degree you did
  9. Pet's names from when you were kids
  10. Embarrassing incidents - then make people guess who was involved!


  1. Romantic film titles
  2. Your favourite albums from the year you met
  3. Superheroes
  4. Horror film titles
  5. Your favourite books as children
  6. Characters from your favourite films
  7. Bands you love
  8. Famous odd couples
  9. Country Singers
  10. Virago Authors

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A bit different

  1. Typefaces (if that's your thing, ahem)
  2. Unusual animal names - dik dik anyone?
  3. Beers
  4. Farrow and Ball paint colours
  5. Cheese (who doesn't want to sit on stinking bishop?)
  6. Rock formations
  7. Constellations
  8. Relate the table name to the people sitting on it whether family, old friends, uni friends or work colleagues
  9. Chocolate bars
  10. Weird family sayings - is it just mine that say all kind of random things?

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