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10 small ways to make your wedding guests feel special

Finding small ways to make your wedding guests feel special can go a long way to making your wedding day the one that everyone talks about in years to come because, beyond being really happy for you both, they had a genuinely awesome day!

Personally I love a wedding. But then I'm the parent of a toddler who doesn't get to go out dancing all that often so any excuse is fine with me! For a lot of people weddings can seem like a massive, expensive pain in the neck. The travel, the accommodation, the stag/hen do, the gift - it can add up and lead to some Grinchy feelings. Therefore I strongly believe that taking any opportunity, no matter how small, to show your guests you love them and you know the effort they've gone to to be there with you is important! Happy guests equal a happy wedding day...

Here are 10 small ways to make your wedding guests feel special...

10 small ways to make your wedding guests feel special

    1. Personalise your favours - There are so many ways to create personalised wedding favours from adding little name tags, choosing specific gifts for different guests or even adding little hand written notes for each guest. For more idea read this post
    2. Never leave them without a drink - A pet hate of mine a weddings, being made to stand about and wait for a drink to arrive, anyone else? Just me? Ok....
    3. Leave useful little treats in the bathrooms - Lip balms, glitter, nice smelling stuff all adds to the feeling of care and luxury
    4. Make sure everyone gets on the dance floor - When you send your rsvp cards out ask your guests to suggest a song for the playlist or group together song genres to make sure that every guest has a set they want to dance to (hint: Motown - always a winner)
    5. Prepare for the weather - If you get hot weather (well, you can dream) make sure there's plenty of water, or if you're expecting an excess of water in the form of rain (i.e planning a UK wedding) make sure you provide umbrellas - try Brolly Buckets for super pretty ones in every colour
    6. Provide a quiet area - Not everyone is a party animal, provide a breakout area for your guests to hangout (especially important for older rellies and friends with babies)
    7. Send them home with a hangover cure - Whether that be a bacon sandwich or a bottle of water and a Berocca it shows you care right to the end
    8. Before and after - Include an information card with your wedding invitation including ideas for places to go before and after the wedding
    9. Do brunch - Arrange a hangover curing brunch or barbecue the day after the wedding, it's a great time to properly catch up with everyone and hear the gossip from the night before!
    10. Personalised table names - I've written a couple of posts on this before, you can read unusual ideas for table names and more unusual ideas for table names but creating table names that are relevant to the guests sitting on them is a great, thoughtful touch

p.s Have you read reasons to send a save the date for your wedding and ideas for unusual wedding favours?


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