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More Wedding Invite Wording Ideas

The last post I wrote on ideas for unusual wedding invitation wording has been one of my most popular ever (read my first wording for wedding invites post). Clearly there are a lot of people wondering:

'What should I write on my wedding invitations?'

It's definitely one of the questions I get asked most often by couples. 

Wording for wedding invitations

There are certain things it's essential to include on your wedding invitations (if you don't want 35 calls on your wedding day from people confused about what time it starts). If you need a little help planning exactly what you need to say on your wedding invitation why not download our FREE Wedding Stationery Planning Worksheet to prompt you. 

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Once you have that nailed you can personalised your wedding invitation wording to your heart's content. At Paper Arrow Press we're all about making your stationery personal, that doesn't have to end with choosing a custom colour. 

More ideas for wedding invitation wording

The greeting

  • Don't stick with tradition - instead of naming your parents at the top of the invitations, try:
    Together with their lovely families
    Yassss! We're getting married
  • Be genuine
    Because we love you we want you there to celebrate our marriage with us
    Our wedding wouldn't be the same without you
  • Be the opposite of genuine
    They said it would never happen but...
    It only took 7 years...
    In a triumph of optimism over common sense...

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The details

  • The location:
    We'll be tying the knot at... 
    Come and see us sign our lives away at...
  • The reception:
    Followed by drinks, dinner and busting some serious shapes at...
    A party to end all party will then take place at....
  • The time:
    3pm until last man standing
    Midday until somebody calls the cops
  • The sign off:
    We can't wait to your lovely faces
    Bring your dancing shoes

Try our mix and match wedding wording planner to craft your perfect wedding invitation wording...

Wedding Invite wording ideas

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Just got engaged? Yeay!

If you need a hand with your wedding planning you'll be needing our FREE super stylish wedding planning kit. It has everything you need to ace your wedding planning.

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