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Daring to be different on your wedding day

When I got married I'd been to one wedding. Yes you heard me one! My husband and I were about 12 when we got married (we were 27, but our friends were all dragging their feet) and just the fact we were getting married felt quite different. Five years working in the wedding industry and about 400 weddings later I sometimes wish we'd been a bit more daring with our choices. Our lovely wedding now seems quite traditional.

5 ways to dare to be different on your wedding day

  • Wear a coloured dress - this is my ultimate in daring. Check out this Pinterest board for vivid wedding dress ideas
  • Choose a non-traditional venue, from warehouses to the woods there are so many options for weddings now (especially if you're in Scotland)
  • Dispense with the traditions you don't like, get the girls to do the speeches, don't have a first dance if the thought mortifies you
  • Take inspiration from outside the wedding industry
  • Incorporate your everyday style into your wedding, from your nail varnish colour to the transport you use to get to the venue there's no rule that says you have to arrive in a be-ribboned limo

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