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9 tips to help you relax on your wedding day

There is so much build up to a wedding that it can be hard to actually relax and enjoy yourself when the day arrives. It's just one day and it can go by in a blur of anxiety if you don't make time to relax, look around at your friends and family and actually enjoy it all.  

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9 tips to help you relax on your wedding day

  1. Trust in your suppliers - you've worked really hard to plan a great wedding so on the day itself trust that everyone is a professional and is doing their job
  2. Make sure you've got calm people around you - that includes your hairdresser, photographer and make up artist. It's as much about personality as is it as about skills when it comes to the morning of your wedding
  3. Start the day right - a relaxing breakfast (maybe easy on the caffeine) with your closest friends and family is the best way
  4. Don't stop the music - hearing your favourite songs will immediately make you feel calmer and more at home - make some playlists to get ready to
  5. Delegate! For the morning of your wedding make sure you've delegated jobs for the day and then forget about it. Leave someone else to stress about the final details and enjoy getting ready with your closest friends and family
  6. Just breathe. That's all. 
  7. Sh*t happens. Remember that the odd hiccup won't ruin your entire day, it might even be the thing you laugh about together 10 years down the line
  8. The gift of time. Be sure to think though the day carefully and leave yourselves plenty of time to do the things you really want to do on the day. Whether that's stealing 10 minutes just the two of you after the ceremony or taking 6 hours to get ready in the morning!
  9. Be flexible. Have a plan, but don't get stressed if it changes (which it will). You can't have total control over everything, not even your wedding day so enjoy the surprises the day will throw at you 

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