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8 Questions I Get Asked Most Often As a Wedding Stationer

If you happened to get engaged over Christmas, New Year or Valentine's Day (congratulations by the way!) it's highly likely that you'll be diving into wedding planning and once you have your venue found and booked you'll be turning your attention to wedding stationery. If you absolutely don't know where to start then read on. Here are the questions I get asked most often as a wedding stationer answered so that you can get on with something else!

8 Questions I get asked most often as a wedding stationer

  1. Do I need a save the date? In my experience if your wedding is on a popular summer weekend, you have lots of friends also planning a wedding the same year or you might not know many details of the wedding until closer to the date then a save the date could be a very good idea
  2. When do I need to send my invitation? That depends a bit on whether you’re sending a save the date or not. If you are sending one then you might want to send the invite about 3-4 months before. If not you might want to do it 5-8 months before
  3. How many should I order? When you're calculating quantites remember to take into account families and couples who will share an invitation. Then add on a few extras in case you have drop outs and want to invite a few more people. If in doubt order slightly more than you need (reprinting a small number of invitations is really expensive!) you can always use them as keepsakes
  4. Should I include guest names? That one is up to you! In my experience adding the names of the guests who you are inviting is a good way to avoid confusion and awkward questions about plus ones. Printing invitations with guests names costs 40p per card so it's not too pricy
  5. Do I need an RSVP card? RSVP cards are lovely to have - they make a nice collection with the invitation in the envelope when you post them. They're also effective at getting your guests to actually RSVP. If you need extra information from your guests such as dietary requirements, menu choice or a song suggestion they're also really handy. However, there are some good online options if you're on a budget and just want to do an invitation
  6. What RSVP date should I give? I've written about this in more detail in 6 ways to make sure your guests RSVP on time but essentially you're looking for the sweet spot between not leaving it so long that guests forget to RSVP and not asking for an RSVP so far in advance that guests have other plans pop up. Maybe about 8-8 weeks in advance?
  7. What should I include on the information card? You can take a look at this post for 9 Ideas For What To Include On a Wedding Information Card. For me the most important ones are travel, accommodation suggestions, gifts and whether or not children are invited
  8. What goes on an order of service? The best orders of service include a brief run down of the ceremony, any readings (and who's giving them), and the lyrics to any songs or hymns. Read this post for more detail: Wedding Order of Service - What Does It Include?

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