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How to Style a Spectacular, Star-Filled Wedding

At Paper Arrow Press we think that your wedding should reflect you and we try our best to design unique wedding stationery and invitations that are as interesting as our clients. We particularly love people who get excited about geeky stuff. We’ve been super inspired over the past year by the adventures of Major Tim Peake and it led us to create our personalised wedding stationery collection Space. If you love all things spacey and want to geek out on your wedding day try our modern wedding invitation design, Space!

5 Essentials to style a Spectacular, Star-filled Wedding

  1. Flowers and greenery like succulents with bold geometric shapes would look amazing
  2. Channel your inner geek and let sci-fi subtly inspire your look (think stars strewn through your hair or sprinkled on your cheeks like this, rather than full on Princess Leia buns.)
  3. This look is the perfect excuse to go to town with the glitter, lights and sparklers
  4. Choose a modern, urban venue and fill it with lights
  5. Be brave and choose a dress in a stunning, night sky navy. Not that brave? What about shoes like these?


For more inspiration take a look at our mood board.

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