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The 10 things you'll REALLY remember from your wedding day

Happy Valentine's Day! In honour of this most romantic of days (!!) today's post is a little bit mushy. It's so easy when you're planning a wedding to get hung up on all the tiny details which in your mind become make-or-break important. Or to start freaking out that something beyond your control might go wrong and ruin the entire day. When it comes down to it it's unlikely to be the perfect colour match between the bridesmaid's shoes and the groomsmen's bow ties that you're still reminiscing about in 40 years time. And if something does go wrong? You probably won't even notice and if you do, it could turn out to be the thing you're still laughing about in 40 years.

The 10 things you'll REALLY remember from your wedding day

  1. Getting ready listening to music and sipping champagne with your bridesmaids
  2. The look on your parent's faces when you appear all ready to go
  3. The weird sensation of arriving at your wedding with all your friends and family there for you
  4. The moment you leave your ceremony together as a married couple
  5. Having that first drink after the ceremony and starting to relax just a little bit
  6. Your best friend crying on and off most of the day because she's so happy for you 
  7. The little cock ups that you stressed about but actually made the day memorable
  8. The people who made extra special effort to be there for you
  9. The friends who hit the dance floor the moment the music started 
  10. The next day gossip! 

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