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Wedding stationery: When to go professional and when to DIY

There are so many demands on your budget when you're planning a wedding - add to that the rise of the creative, personal wedding and a Pinterest-inspired, DIY affair can start to seem like a really great idea. After all, DIYing can save you loads of money and you'll end up with a wedding unlike any other, right? Well, yes but get carried away and you may also end up hating each other as you spend 7 hours of your precious weekend dehydrating rose petals and gluing sparkles in intricate patterns onto 70 wedding invitations. There are some touches which are absolutely worth doing yourself but I'm a firm believer that using professional suppliers for your wedding will always save you time, stress and sometimes even money.

Wedding stationery: When to go professional and when to DIY

Go professional

  • The essentials - I think it's important to work with a stationer on the essential parts of your stationery. At the very least your wedding invitation but your save the date and rsvp card can be good too. Nothing beats professionally printed paper goods and a good stationer will make sure you don't make any of those school boy errors like forgetting to ask for an RSVP from your guests or leaving off the wedding start time
  • Larger weddings - if you're planning a big ol' shindig then you're going to be sending a lot of invitations - whatever you plan don't forget that you'll need to recreate it many times over
  • Guest names - how's your hand writing? Lots of couples opt to DIY writing the guest names on their invitations but nothing will wreck a beautiful invitation quicker than your other half's smudgy spider scrawl
  • Stuck for time - be realistic about the time you have available. If you don't have loads of free time (and to be honest who does?) then perhaps opting to DIY every aspect of your wedding stationery just isn't the right option

Do It Yourself

  • High impact - choose the fun finishing touches if you want to go DIY. Some confetti in the envelopes, some cool stamps or stickers on the envelopes - things that make an impact without being hard to do
  • Simple things - if you are going more full on with your DIYing then make sure you choose simple ideas that are easy to replicate over multiple items. Remember if it was tricky to do once you'll regret it after the 80th one. Consider a design which is more of an assembly job with stamps or stickers rather than attempting to hand write 65 invitations
  • Skillz - Doing it yourself should really come down to two things, will you actually enjoy doing it and are you any good at it? If the answer to both of these questions is yes then crack on!

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