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What one thing would you change about your wedding day?

No matter how wonderful your wedding day is no one gets every decision right. I asked some friends of Paper Arrow Press who've been there, done that what one thing they would change if they could do it all over again...

**Spoiler** Someone said they would have brought a knife!!

I would have liked to have more time to get ready with my family, I arranged my own flowers (with the help of friends) so was running around tying ribbon on buttonholes and fiddling with arrangements on the morning of our wedding. In the end I had about 15 minutes to put my face on and get dressed! Having time to sit and drink a glass of wine with my Mother, Sister and bridesmaid would have been lovely.

Rachael, Owner of Hedgerow.
A super stylish Edinburgh based Florist who creates dramatic, modern arrangements using seasonal blooms. 

I think we would give ourselves a little more time, we did everything ourselves so there was a lot of work involved in a short period.

Susan & Darren - Owners of Kabloom.
Seedboms make unique, eco friendly and gorgeously designed wedding favours.

I've just asked Dave this question and he said that the only thing he'd change would be to remember to take a knife! Perhaps a slightly worrying, out of context, and disconcerting answer... Because {the venue} didn't have its own in-house wedding planner we project managed everything from organising the napkins to potting up the cyclamen for the tables, booking the caterer and working out how much cutlery we needed to order for the big day. The only thing we forgot was a cake knife to cut the cake! After announcing we were going to cut the cake I then ended up having to run about trying to find a big, sharp knife; the caterers kindly found a bread knife and quickly wrapped the handle in tin foil to make it look a bit jazzier! Other than that we loved our wedding and wouldn't change a single thing!

Sally and Dave - Owners of ToDryFor and Beast in Show.
Amazing design-led homewares perfect for playing house in style.

Not just because I am now a wedding planner but I do honestly wish I had hired a planner at least for just the day of. I am a detail-orientated person and had been planning my wedding since I was wee. I thought I didn't need the help as I knew what I was doing and what I wanted but actually on the day I struggled to relax, to just be the bride and enjoy! I ended up with two situations where I had to rearrange the plans and deal with a vendor in my wedding dress half way through the evening, when all I wanted to do was get on with dancing the night away with my new husband, family and friends! 
A planner would have handled the vendors for me, and foreseen the situations which would have been difficult for me, as the bride, to have handled on the day. 

Agnes - Co-owner of Scarlett & Bell,
Along with her business partner, Mercedes these lovely women will style and organise every aspect of your wedding to leave you free to enjoy the moment.

Thanks everyone! Keep an eye out for more words of wisdom on the blog soon.

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Image credit: Craig and Eva Sanders from Hedgerow