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Wedding order of service - what does it include?

At this time of year the race is on to finalise plans for approaching weddings and get on-the-day stationery into production. Many couple get a little bit lost when it comes to knowing what should be included in an order of service. The truthful answer is really, it's your wedding and it doesn't matter. Orders of service are there to tell your guests a little bit about your ceremony so you could opt for a single page or a multi-page booklet and include as much detail as you want. Whatever you include use it to set the tone for the day. Below is our guide to things you might want to consider including:

  • Your names, the location and date of the wedding
  • The basic order of events in your ceremony (you should be able to get advice on this from whoever is officiating your ceremony). This usually includes:
    - the entrance of the bride
    - a greeting from the officiant
    - readings
    - the vows
    - the marriage (blessing if you are going religious)
    - registration of the marriage
    - exit bride and groom
  • Hymns or songs if you are having them (including the words if you have room)
  • It's usual to include the title of the readings and who is giving the reading
  • It's also usual to include the titles and composer of any music played

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Also nice to have

  • You might also want to include the names of your bridal party and anyone who has especially helped you out
  • If you are going for a longer format you could include the words to the readings too
  • You could finish off with an invitation to get the party started after the ceremony

It's good to bear in mind that lots of people like to keep orders of service as a souvenir of a wedding so including little meaningful details will make it all the more special.

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