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9 ideas for what to include on a wedding information card

A wedding information card can be a really useful addition to your wedding invitation. It gives you the opportunity to add in a few extra thoughtful details for your guests and means you aren't cluttering your invitation with excess information. If you're planning a far flung wedding then there might be a whole load of travel information to include but even if you're planning a closer-to-home celebration it's nice to give your guests some important information (or even just some nice to have information). 

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Here are some ideas to ensure you don't miss anything vital when you put together your information card.

9 ideas for what to include on a wedding information card...

The essentials

  • Trains, plans and automobiles - depending on where your wedding is this could range from information on the nearest rail, tube stops to information about sea planes but a little information about how to get there is always appreciated (if your venue is really hard to find see below for maps...)
  • Accommodation - booking a hotel for a wedding can be a pain. Ease that pain by making suggestions in several price brackets 
  • Taxi man - an absolute essential, particularly if your venue is out of the city. If you're really out in the sticks it's always worth suggesting that your guests prebook
  • Pressies - I've written at length about the dangers of not being specific about gifts (but if you really want three woks and crystal figurine then on your own head be it). Your information card is a great place to include information about a registry or if you'd appreciate a cash gift (see below for how to ask nicely for money in your wedding invites)
  • Events - if you have other things happening before or after the wedding (such as drinks the evening before or a barbecue after) then this is a great place to put all those details

Nice to know

  • Sightseers! - if your guests are coming from out of the area and are making a mini-break of if it include some suggestions for things they might want to see or nice pubs to visit before or after the wedding
  • Get cartographic - a map is a nice thing to include if your venue is particularly well hidden on a country estate or a maze of city streets
  • Money money money - If you're having a paid bar later on and there won't be a cash point whatever you do remind your guests to bring cash! Seriously. 
  • Dress code! - No, not white tie and diamonds! Just a couple of handy pointers if necessary. Is your venue going to be unsuitable for stilletto heels? Will guests need a jacket for any outdoor bits if the weather's cool?

Need help with the essentials?

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