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6 ways to make sure your guests RSVP on time

Making sure that your guests RSVP on time can take a huge amount of pressure off your wedding planning process. You'll have a clear idea of how many people you'll need to cater for and will be able to start your seating plan. It's always a nightmare trying to get a firm yes or no from people, especially by a set deadline but with these tips you'll have a fighting chance.

6 ways to make sure your guests RSVP on time

  1. Don't leave a huge amount of time between sending the invite and asking for rsvp cards, people will put it off and forget to get back to you

  2. Make sure the RSVP date is clearly printed on the invitation and/ or rsvp card

  3. If you're sending a separate rsvp card mention the RSVP on the bottom of your invitation too

  4. If you aren't sending a separate RSVP card be specific about how you'd like guests to get back to you, include your address, website or phone number depending on what you want them to do

  5. Include a cute rsvp card with an envelope and to make life super easy for your guests address the envelope too

  6. Make your RSVP card memorable with some unusual wording. You can find some ideas in my previous post on unusual wording for wedding invitations


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