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5 Reasons Why You Should Order a Wedding Stationery Sample Pack

If you're trying to decide on a wedding invitation design (alongside the 500 other decisions you need to make while planning a wedding) it can be a bit confusing. As wedding stationery is one of those things you're most likely to order online it can be difficult imagining how the thing you're about to spend good money on will actually look when it arrives. One of the best tips I can give a couple thinking about wedding stationery is order samples! There's nothing worse than ordering something and then being disappointed that it doesn't look how you expected.

Read on for 5 important reasons to order wedding stationery samples...

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5 Reasons Why You Should Order a Wedding Stationery Sample Pack

  • True colours - when you're viewing a product online, particularly anything printed on paper, it's very difficult to get a true sense of how the colours will look. Ordering a sample of your stationery gives you the opportunity to check that the colours look as you imagined and work well with other items. Plus Paper Arrow Press sample packs include a colour swatch card so you can see how other colours might look if you decide to customise the colours on your stationery
  • Size matters - when you're trying to figure out what you need to say on your wedding stationery it can really help to see the size of the invitation (Paper Arrow Press invitations are available as A6 and B6 formats) and the size of the text to give you an idea of what you'll need to order
  • Quality - your wedding invitations are the first indication for your guests of the wedding that you're planning so it's important to send stationery that looks and feels fantastic. When it comes to judging quality there's no replacement for holding something in your hand and feeling its weight and texture

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  • Compare and contrast - if you're undecided on which design to choose ordering more than one style and comparing them side by side can be really helpful. See below for a 3 for the price of 2 discount code 
  • Heavy weight - seeing the size and weight of your chosen format in person can be really helpful for calculating postage costs. If you're sending a high number of larger, heavier envelopes this can add up so take your sample down to the post office!

Also... Save money! All Paper Arrow Press sample packs include a 10% discount code on orders over £120 which means your £3 purchase will save you at least £120 on your stationery order. Bingo!


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